Welkom voor onze nieuwe studenten

01-09-2021 Welkom Azib en Annabel bij CPC! Azib zal met Guus kijken naar vouwing van influenza HA-eiwit en Annabel gaat met Tamara de vouwing van CFTR bekijken. Succes allebei!

Welcome Françoise

Welcome to our new colleague Françoise! Françoise will work on developing other strategies for protein folding diseases, exploiting our knowledge on protein folding, molecular chaperones and fibril structures. Much success!

Jisu wins 2nd poster prize at Life conference!

From the jury report:Jisu started the poster pitch with a metaphor, this was greatly appreciated by the jury. You explained your research very well to the jury, who didn’t have a background in your field. You clearly emphasized the relevance of your research. Your poster lay-out was clear and attractive and your figures guided the … Read more

Succesful student-organized symposium

The students of the Protein Folding and Assembly course, coordinated by Stefan Rüdiger and Tessa Sinnige, organized a very succesful symposium with international speakers and a world-wide audience. More in depth information can be found on the UU news site.

New publication in JBC

Congratulations Júlia and Stefan for their publication in JBC on J-domains and Hsp70: Aragonès Pedrola J, Rüdiger SGD. Double J-domain piloting of an Hsp70 substrate. J. Biol. Chem. 2021 100717 Link