Braakman & van der Sluijs group

Scientific Staff

Ineke Braakman
+31 30 253 2759
Office: O.705

Peter van der Sluijs
+31 30 253 2409
Office: O.702

Adabella van der Zand


Joseline Houwman
+31 30 253 3898
Office: O.703


Eduardo de Mattos
+31 30 253 ….
Office: O.707

I investigate how folding intermediates of CFTR and their interaction with cellular protein quality control mechanisms modulates CFTR structure and function.

PhD candidates

Tamara Hillenaar
+31 30 253 ….
Office: O.706

The aim of my research is to determine for each CFTR2 disease-causing mutant to which available (pre)clinical drugs they respond at the CFTR protein level.

Jisu Im
+31 30 253 ….
Office: O.709

My project investigates how CFTR transmembrane domains assemble, and see how chaperones help with the assembly of these transmembrane domains with each other and nucleotide binding domains.

Laura Tadé
+31 30 253 ….
Office: DDW

I want to know whether CFTR is only active at the cell surface or also in other cell compartments and when/where it acquires the structure that allows its function.

Mariska Simpson
@ Harvard Medical School


Azib Hagos
+31 30 253 ….
Office: O.7

Guus van Zadelhoff
+31 30 253 3752
Office: O.709

I develop/modify analysis techniques to study protein folding of model oxidative proteins and folding factors, in vivo and in vitro by short and long radioactive metabolic labelling.

Senna Hiensch
+31 30 253 3841
Office: O.706

My research is about comparing genetic disease causing protein mutants to their wildtype variant by limited proteolysis and see if chaperones are able to stabilize these mutants.

Simone di Rubbo
+31 30 253 3841
Office: O.707

Danny Schildknegt
+31 30 253 3841
Office: O.710

I am interested in a set of small endoplasmic reticulum localized chaperones, called the canopy family and their role in proteins folding, B cell differentiation and antibody secretion.



Maarten Egmond