Rüdiger group

Scientific Staff

Stefan Rüdiger
+31 30 253 3394
Office: O.704

PhD candidates

Margreet Koopman
+31 30 253 4105
Office: O.707

I focus on the role of molecular chaperones – such as Hsp70 and Hsp90 – and their role in the aggregation process of Tau, a protein involved in Alzheimer’s Disease.


Júlia Aragones Pedrola
+31 30 253 . . . .
Office: O.710

Development of a strategy to target protein aggregation diseases, based on mimicking the role of molecular chaperones in the protein quality control.

Françoise Dekker
+31 30 253 ….
Office: O.701

I work on developing other strategies for protein folding diseases, exploiting our knowledge on protein folding, molecular chaperones and fibril structures.

Magdalena Wawrzyniuk
+31 30 253 ….

My research focuses on how Hsp90 selects its client proteins, as known Hsp90 binding partners recruit from various protein families and do not share functional or structural similarities.