Rüdiger group

Scientific Staff

Stefan Rüdiger
+31 30 253 3394
Office: O.704

PhD Candidates

Magdalena Wawrzyniuk
+31 30 253 ….

My research focuses on how Hsp90 selects its client proteins, as known Hsp90 binding partners recruit from various protein families and do not share functional or structural similarities.

Françoise Dekker
+31 30 253 ….
Office: O.707

I work on developing other strategies for protein folding diseases, exploiting our knowledge on protein folding, molecular chaperones and fibril structures.

Júlia Aragones Pedrola
+31 30 253 ….
Office: O.710

Development of a strategy to target protein aggregation diseases, based on mimicking the role of molecular chaperones in the protein quality control.


Iris Rots

Office: O.706