Faculty position

We have an opening for a a permanent faculty member to strengthen and broaden its research focus. You are expected to start or bring an independent but complementary research line to the groups of Ineke Braakman & Peter van der Sluijs and Stefan Rüdiger, funded mostly by external support. CPC is part of the Bijvoet Centre for Biomolecular Research and as such the research should be directed at the molecular level. Teaching and administrative duties, fitting with the candidate’s profile, will be part of the job description.
More information and to apply, see here.

MSc and BSc students

We are always looking for motivated MSc or BSc (HBO) students to take on one of our challenging projects. Please send your CV and motivation letter to cpc@uu.nl


While there is currently no open position in the Braakman or the Rüdiger groups, students interested in pursuing a PhD in protein folding are always welcome to apply.  Please send your CV and motivation letter to cpc@uu.nl. More information about doing a PhD in the Netherlands and at Utrecht University can be found here.