Goodbye Senna and Simone

Unfortunately both Simone and Senna will leave us next month. Senna has already accepted a new job as technician at the Hogeschool Utrecht (across the street). We are sad to see them go but wish them much success for the future!

Welcome Azib (again)

After her internship with Guus in 2021-2022, Azib will be coming back as technician for 6 months, working on CFTR. We’re happy to have her back!

Welcome Renée Koopman

Renée Koopman has been appointed as technician of the Protein Research Centre (8th floor, led by Stefan and Tzviya Zeev). We wish her much success!

New group of Arnold Boersma is joining CPC

Cellular Protein Chemistry will be expanded with a new group, led by Arnold Boersma! The Boersma group interest is in sensing and reconstructing intracellular biochemical organization, such as macromolecular crowding and protein self-organization. They have developed FRET-based protein probes for macromolecular crowding in diverse living and nonliving systems, probes for ionic strength in cells (see … Read more