Welcome to our new colleague

A warm welcome to our new colleague Senna Hiensch. Senna recently graduated from the HBO and has started in our lab as a technician. He will be working on several different projects, such as investigating mode-of-action of compounds on CFTR and pilot studies for other misfolding related diseases.

HybridThesis Defense of Marcel van Willigen

Congratulations to the new doctor! Dr. van Willigen! On September 9th Marcel van Willigen defended his thesis entitled “Uncovering CFTR folding through patient mutations” in the Akademiegebouw of University of Utrecht. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, only a very limited amount of people were allowed in the Akademiegebouw, and part of the committee had to dial … Read more

Online Thesis Defense of Hui Ying Yeoh

Congratulations to the new doctor! Dr. Yeoh On April 8th Ying Yeoh defended her thesis entitled “Folding of the CFTR Transmembrane domains in the ER”. Due to the COVID-pandemic, Ying had an exclusive as the first CPC PhD to defend completely online! The entire committee all called in from their homes, as well as the … Read more

Online practicum onderwijs – LabBuddy tijdens het GFP practicum

Eerder gepubliceerd op de UU Educate-it site   ‘Het practicum dat ik gaf groeide langzaam uit zijn jasje. Ik merkte dat ik steeds meer bezig was met het managen van processen i.p.v. het geven van onderwijs en daar wilde ik verandering in brengen. LabBuddy gaf mij de mogelijkheid om de autonomie terug te geven aan … Read more

Poster pitch prize for Jisu at ECFS Young Investigators meeting!

The 14th Young Investigators meeting of the European Cystic Fibrosis Society was held form 26-28 February in Paris. This meeting aims at strengthening the skills and knowledge of young scientists involved in CF cutting-edge research. Jisu attended this meeting with a poster and won the Poster Pitch prize! She was presented with the award by … Read more