Nature Comm paper for Stefan and Luca in the news

Stefan and Luca recently published an article in Nature Communications, revealing that arginine π-stacking drives binding of certain proteins tend to Tau fibrils. The paper was covered on BNR radio in a short podcast (4 min) and on the UU website.      

New Nature paper from Stefan and Lena!

Congratulations Stefan and Lena for their publication in Nature on α-synuclein regulation: BM Burmann, JA Gerez, I Matečko-Burmann, S Campioni, P Kumari, D Ghosh, A Mazur, EE Aspholm, D Šulskis, M Wawrzyniuk, T Bock, A Schmidt, SGD Rüdiger, R Riek & S Hiller. Regulation of α-synuclein by chaperones in mammalian cells. Nature 2020 577:127-32 Link

New video article!

The Braakman & van der Sluijs group recently published a video article explaining how to do a radioactive pulse-chase experiments, including all the necessary tips and tricks! Analysis of Protein Folding, Transport, and Degradation in Living Cells by Radioactive Pulse Chase Starring: Bertrand, Guus and Ying

New publications

2019 is off with a good start with two publications! Morán Luengo T, Mayer MP, Rüdiger SGD. The Hsp70-Hsp90 chaperone cascade in protein folding. Trends Cell Biol. 2019 29(2):164-177. Link van Willigen M, Vonk AM, Yeoh HY, Kruisselbrink E, Kleizen B, van der Ent CK, Egmond MR, de Jonge HR, Braakman I, Beekman JM, van … Read more

CPC artwork as cover for JMB!

In addition to an article in JMB, Stefan also snagged the cover image: 03 May 2018 – Volume 70, Issue 3 On the cover: Proteins find their way into their active three-dimensional structure on a rugged energy hypersurface. In the cell, molecular chaperones assist protein folding. In this issue of Molecular Cell, Morán Luengo et al. … Read more