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Kleizen B, de Mattos E, Papaioannou O, Monti M, Tartaglia GG, van der Sluijs P, Braakman I. Transmembrane Helices 7 and 8 Confer Aggregation Sensitivity to the Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator. Int J Mol Sci. 2023 24(21):15741 Link

Im J, Hillenaar T, Yeoh HY, Sahasrabudhe P, Mijnders M, van Willigen M, van der Sluijs P, Braakman I. ABC-transporter CFTR folds with high fidelity through a modular, stepwise pathway. Cell Mol Life Sci. 2023 80(1):33 Link

Hillenaar T, Beekman J, van der Sluijs P, Braakman I. Redefining Hypo-and Hyper-Responding Phenotypes of CFTR Mutants for Understanding and Therapy. Int J Mol Sci 2022 23:15170 Link

McCaul N, Braakman I. Hold the fold: how delayed folding aids protein secretion. EMBO J 2022 e112787 Link

Hwang TC, Braakman I, van der Sluijs P, Callebaut I. Structure basis of CFTR folding, function and pharmacology. J Cys Fibr 2022 Link

Pittas T, Zuo W, Boersma AJ. Cell wall damage increases macromolecular crowding effects in the Escherichia coli cytoplasm. bioRxiv 2022 Link

Koopman MB, Ferrari L, Rüdiger SGD, Berghoff SA, Spieth L, Saher G, Stacho M, Manahan-Vaughan D, Shrestha P, Klann E, Cisneros J. 254 Dopamine ramps for accurate value learning under uncertainty. Neurosciences 2022 45:0166-2236.

Garfagnini T, Ferrari L, Koopman MB, Halters S, Van Kappel E, Mayer G, Maurice MM, Rüdiger SGD, Friedler A. A peptide strategy for inhibiting different protein aggregation pathways in disease. bioRxiv 2022 Link

Koopman MB, Ferrari L, Rüdiger SGD. How do protein aggregates escape quality control in neurodegeneration?. Trends in Neurosciences. 2022 45:257-71 Link

Jarosińska OD, Rüdiger SGD. Molecular Strategies to Target Protein Aggregation in Huntington’s Disease. Front. Mol. Biosci. 2021 8:1068 Link

Lashley T, Tossounian MA, Heaven NC, Wallworth S, Peak-Chew S, Bradshaw A, Cooper JM, de Silva R, Srai SK, Malanchuk O, Filonenko V, Koopman MB, Rüdiger SGD, Skehel M, Gout I. Extensive Anti-CoA Immunostaining in Alzheimer’s Disease and Covalent Modification of Tau by a Key Cellular Metabolite Coenzyme A. Front. Cell. Neurosci. 2021 15:411 Link

McCaul ND, Quandte M, Bontjer I, van Zadelhoff G, Land A, Crooks ET, Binley JM, Sanders RW Braakman I. Intramolecular quality control: HIV-1 Envelope gp160 signal-peptide cleavage as a functional folding checkpoint. Cell Rep. 2021 36:9, 109646 Link

Dekker FA and Rüdiger SGD. The Mitochondrial Hsp90 TRAP1 and Alzheimer’s Disease. Front. Mol. Biosci. 2021 8: 697913 Link

Aragonès Pedrola J, Rüdiger SGD. Double J-domain piloting of an Hsp70 substrate. J. Biol. Chem. 2021 100717 Link

Sabusap CM, Joshi D, Simhaev L, Oliver KE, Senderowitz H, van Willigen M, Braakman I, Rab A, Sorscher EJ, Hong JS. The CFTR P67L variant reveals a key role fo’nr N-terminal lasso helices in channel folding, maturation, and pharmacologic rescue. J. Biol. Chem. 2021 100598 Link

Kleizen B, van Willigen M, Mijnders M, Peters FM, Grudniewska MK, Hillenaar TM, Thomas AS, Kooijman L, Peters KW, Frizzell R, van der Sluijs P, Braakman I. Co-translational folding of the first transmembrane domain of ABC-transporter CFTR is supported by assembly with the first cytosolic domain. J. Mol. Biol. 2021 13:166955 Link

Haq IJ, Althaus M, Gardner AI, Yeoh HY, Joshi U, Saint-Criq V, Verdon B, Townshend J, O’Brien C, Ben-Hamida M, Thomas M, Bourke S, van der Sluijs P, Braakman I, Ward C, Gray MA, Brodlie M. Clinical and molecular characterization of the R751L-CFTR mutation. Am. J. Physiol. Lung. Cell. Mol. Physiol. 2021 320(2):L288-L300 Link