Succesful student-organized symposium

The students of the Protein Folding and Assembly course, coordinated by Stefan Rüdiger and Tessa Sinnige, organized a very succesful symposium with international speakers and a world-wide audience. More in depth information can be found on the UU news site.

Three vacancies at CPC

We have three vacancies at CPC! Assistant or Associate Professor in Biochemistry, Molecular Cell Biology or a related field Postdoc Technician

New publication in JBC

Congratulations Júlia and Stefan for their publication in JBC on J-domains and Hsp70: Aragonès Pedrola J, Rüdiger SGD. Double J-domain piloting of an Hsp70 substrate. J. Biol. Chem. 2021 100717 Link

New publication in JBC

Congratulations Marcel and Ineke for their publication in JBC on the CFTR P67L variant: Sabusap CM, Joshi D, Simhaev L, Oliver KE, Senderowitz H, van Willigen M, Braakman I, Rab A, Sorscher EJ, Hong JS. The CFTR P67L variant reveals a key role for N-terminal lasso helices in channel folding, maturation, and pharmacologic rescue. J. … Read more

Permanent contract for Joseline

Joseline received a permanent contract at Utrecht University from April onwards. Congratulations Joseline on your permanent position!